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All Saints Church
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5501 Third Street
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The Rev. David B. Rucker, Pastor
The Rev. Carolyn Nunnally, Deacon
Sunday Service 9:00 a.m.
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Daniel: Integrity and Prophecy
For many, the book of Daniel is not much more than Sunday School stories - the fiery furnace, the lions' den, the handwriting on the wall, and the mysterious prophecies. Unique and challenging stories that have little to do with us.

Daniel has everything to do with us. Like Daniel, who was an exile in the alien culture of Babylon, as Christians we are exiles in the alien culture of post-modern America. Daniel had a choice to assimilate into the culture and we have the same choice now. Daniel chose to preserve his integrity as a follower of the One and Only God Almighty. Daniel chose to believe that God would deliver him from the fire, through the fire, or by the fire.

We, too, who live in a hostile culture have the same choices. We can choose to believe that God will deliver us from the fire and build our faith, through the fire and refine our faith, and by the fire into His arms and perfect our faith. Whether you are a woman experienced with bible studies or this is your first, Daniel is the study for you to learn how to be resolute in choosing God over culture and believing his promise of a wondrous future.

Daniel: Integrity and Prophecy meets every other Saturday at 10 am at All Saints Church.

The first meeting is a one day retreat on Saturday, September 26 at St. Emma's Monastery, 1001 Harvey Avenue, Greensburg. St. Emma's is a community of Benedictine nuns living for Christ and sharing his love through prayer and hospitality. Retreat cost is $30. Those wishing to car pool are to meet at All Saints Church at 9 am. Please, RSVP to Pat Serafini by September 7.

Pat Serafini

All women are encouraged and welcome to join Daniel: Integrity and Prophecy. Previous participation is not required. 

The mission of All Saints Women's Ministry is to create a place where women can come together to support one another spiritually, emotionally, and physically as we grow into the women God created us to be.
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