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All Saints Church
Proclaiming the truth of Jesus Christ
5501 Third Street
in the Rosedale neighborhood
Verona, PA  15147
The Rev. David B. Rucker, Pastor
The Rev. Carolyn Nunnally, Deacon
Sunday Service 9:00 a.m.
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Worshiping in the Anglican Tradition....

If we're not Episcopalians any longer, what are we?  First and foremost we're Christians; that definition and distinction is far more important than the denomination to which we belong.     

All Saints worships in the Anglican tradition.  The Anglican Church may be the largest Church you've never heard of.  “Anglican” simply means “English” - the Anglican Church was founded in England and remains the national church of England.  It was introduced to many parts of the world through the many English colonies, including America.

The Anglican Church as we know it today traces its roots back to 1549.  The Church was part of the Protestant Reformation, but with a complicated history (involving kings, queens and a whole host of characters, some better than others).  While the church adopted a reformed theology, it also intended to remain part of the “one church”.  As a result, the Anglican Church generally holds to a reformed theology (meaning our understanding of God) but  has generally retained its ancient Catholic structure. 

We have bishops, diocese, parishes, priest, etc; we also have Calvin, Packer, and Stott.   This means we have a form that is familiar to many people (who have a background in the Roman Catholic Church) but a theology (and doctrine) that is reformed.     

We have prayer books and liturgy.  Above all, we have a biblical emphasis that trumps all other authority. 

The heart of the Anglican Church can be found in the Book of Common Prayer.  This book contains our worship, but more importantly it contains the doctrine upon which the Church was founded in what is called the Thirty-Nine Articles.  These thirty-nine statements of doctrine define what we believe about God and His creation. 

Perhaps the single most important article is VI, which famously states in part: “Holy Scripture containeth all things necessary to salvation: so that whatsoever is not read therein, nor may be proved thereby, is not to be required of any man...”  This means that the Bible is the sole source of final authority in seeking to understand God's relationship to mankind.  This is important - no one can tell us about God but God.  Councils and individuals can work to understand Scripture, but no one can add anything not in Scripture.

This doctrine, distinctive of reformed theology, is the ultimate safe guard for all the world - God went to great lengths to reveal His Truths for us; this doctrine ensures that no one can lead us into the inventions of man.

So what is this “Anglican Tradition?”  Worship rooted in Anglican worship and doctrine in the Thirty-Nine Articles; an ancient Church with reformed theology.  All Saints is Bible centered, believing that the Bible contains all things necessary for the salvation of God's people, so that no person may add to that which God has ordained.
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