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At the Urukundo Home for Children in Rwanda, there are 47 orphans.  Some are infants, below
the school years and some are at the high school level.  Arlene Brown sends the older kids to
study at a nearby high school, but teaches the lower and middle level kids at a school held in

the guest house.  She also invites some of the poorer children from the village to study there,
which is their only access to a school.

The space at the guest house has been the limiting factor to helping more students, as they
have the material and teachers to educate them. Arlene, has for years, has planned on a separate
school house, but the funds were needed elsewhere in taking care of her children.

In January, construction started on the school house and it is now complete, with furniture
for all classrooms except one.  They plan on having the kids studying there at the next term,
which starts in April.

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Sewing machines have been donated to Arlene at Urukundo Villages to start a sewing vocational class for the women of the village. They will then make and sell garments for income (with some of the profits being plowed back into extra machines and supplies).

They will also make uniforms for the school kids.